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Celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week with Our Delicious Alcohol Free Spritzes

We can’t stress the importance of hydration enough. A lot of scientific research shows that it is one of the most critical aspects of healthy living – if you are not hydrated enough, your bodily functions may not occur as usual.

With this in mind, Citizen Spritz wants to help you celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week this March. This annual event aims to highlight, promote and celebrate improvements in nutrition and hydration locally, nationally and globally.

Nutrition & Hydration Week aims to “bring people together to create energy, focus and fun to highlight and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health.”

What causes dehydration?

Many things can cause dehydration, including illness, sweating, diabetes and so on, with alcohol being one of the leading causes. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you wee more – meaning it is essential to drink water as well when you are drinking alcohol so that you can replace lost fluid.

If you get dehydrated, you may feel dizzy, lightheaded, thirsty and tired, experience dry lips and mouth, and your wee may smell stronger too.

One of the most common consequences of a hangover is dehydration, with a headache being one of the leading indicators that you need to replace the fluid in your body.

How to stay hydrated

Any drink, other than alcohol, will help to promote hydration within your body. Water is a good choice as it tends to be readily available and accessible.

However, a recent survey showed that 62% of people in the UK admit to not drinking enough water, with 52% saying drinking water is boring.

And that’s where we come in! Our range of alcohol free spritzes has been developed by successful food industry entrepreneurs who wanted a genuinely delicious drink to be enjoyed as an alternative to alcohol.

With this in mind, Mark and Mike have created a whole new category of drinks that are deeply complex in flavour – offering you the best of an alcohol-like taste without the headache.

Why are alcohol free spritzes so refreshing?

To enjoy one of our tasty spritz drinks, just add 175 ml of soda or sparkling water to 25 ml of our instant spritz mix. It’s as easy as that.

Available in four flavours, Bitter Orange, Cool Lime, Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit, there is sure to be one that will pep your water up – and may even become your drink of choice.

Using sparkling water to create your spritz means it will be just as hydrating as plain, flat water – and adding ice and a slice makes it even more refreshing.

Join the Global Tea Party

As part of Nutrition & Hydration Week, everyone is invited to join the Global Tea Party on Wednesday, 15th March 2023. Why don’t you have your own tea party, using Citizen Spritz as your drink – and upload the photos to social media using the hashtags #NHW2023 and #citizenspritz?

If you want to keep your fluids up on a night out, stick to Citizen Spritz or sip on a spritz between every alcoholic drink you have. The tastier way to ensure you stay hydrated.

Citizen Spritz. Alcohol free for the people.