celebrate national grapefruit month with citizen spritz

Celebrate National Grapefruit Month with Citizen Spritz

February: Celebrating National Grapefruit Month with Zesty Discoveries

Dive into the world of grapefruit this February with our flavorful guide!

Exploring Grapefruit’s Essence

Grapefruit, a citrus gem known for its cluster growth, is segmented like an orange but packs a zesty punch. Varieties range in flesh colour, from yellowish-white to vibrant red. Nutrient-rich, it’s praised for its vitamin C and fibre content.

5 Fascinating Grapefruit Facts

1. A Barbados-born hybrid of orange and pomelo, the grapefruit was once “the forbidden fruit.”

2. Texas gifted us the ruby red grapefruit, the first to receive a US patent.

3. Grapefruit trees can reach soaring heights of 50 feet.

4. In 2021, China, Vietnam, and Mexico led the world in grapefruit production.

5. Taming grapefruit’s tartness? Try cooking it!

The Allure of Pink Grapefruit

Embrace pink grapefruit’s sweet, tangy allure, perfect for a revitalizing aperitif. Citizen Spritz Pink Grapefruit, a non-alcoholic delight, delivers Paloma’s flavour without the morning-after headache. Serve it over ice with sparkling water and a slice of pink grapefruit, or garnish with a sprig of rosemary for a fresh twist. Not a grapefruit fan? Explore our Bitter Orange, Cool Lime, or Passion Fruit options, or indulge in our sampler pack featuring all Citizen Spritz flavours.

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