Sleep Better with a sip of Spritz: Celebrate World Sleep Day with our Alcohol Free Drinks!

Sleep Better with a Sip of Spritz

March is one of those months with many things to celebrate, not just Mother’s Day and Easter!

In our last post, we talked about Nutrition and Hydration Week, which occurs between the 14th and 20th of March. This post will focus on World Sleep Day, 17th of March, 2023, as sleep is essential for health.

What is World Sleep Day?

The World Sleep Society developed World Sleep Day to advance sleep health worldwide. The healthcare professionals behind it felt that sleep was not a priority in personal health and wellbeing, and it should be – so they wanted a way to celebrate the importance of healthy sleep.

Why is sleep so important?

The Mental Health Foundation in the UK states that sleep is an “essential and involuntary process, without which we cannot function effectively. Sleeping helps to repair and restore our brains, not just our bodies.”

YouGov conducted an extensive study on sleep in February last year, and they found that

  • 12% of those surveyed said that they have problems falling asleep every night
  • 13% of those surveyed had less than six hours of sleep per night
  • 68% of those surveyed said they often feel tired when they wake up in the morning
  • 36% of those surveyed said they sometimes have an alcoholic drink before bedtime to help them sleep

How does an alcoholic drink help you to sleep?

It is interesting to note that quite a large proportion of people surveyed by YouGov said they sometimes had a drink of alcohol to help them to sleep. Yes, studies have shown that alcohol can induce feelings of relaxation and sleepiness, thanks to it being a central nervous system depressant. However, alcohol consumption is also linked to poor sleep quality and duration.

Having alcohol as a night cap means it will still be in your system when you go to bed, meaning you will spend less time in the critical Rapid Eye Movement stage of sleep and wake up feeling less refreshed.

The other effect that alcohol has is to act as a diuretic – meaning it encourages your body to get rid of excess fluid as wee. This means you will probably wake up often at night to go to the toilet, another disturbance to your sleep pattern.

How can Citizen Spritz help you better your sleep hygiene?

Regarding alcohol and sleep, the guidance is to limit how many alcoholic drinks you have and alternate with water or soft drinks to help avoid dehydration.

With their background in food and beverage development, our co-founders, Mark and Mike, wanted to create a genuinely delicious non alcoholic drink to be enjoyed as an alternative to alcohol.

The deeply complex flavours of our non alcoholic spritz pair well with sparkling water, making them as hydrating as flat water – but much tastier!

There are four flavours in our launch range of aperitifs:

If you need help deciding which alcohol free flavour is right for you, you can order our sampler pack, which contains samples of all our flavours for you to try before you commit to buying a whole bottle.

So why not celebrate with a glass or two of Citizen Spritz before bed this National Sleep Day, and wake up feeling refreshed?