mixology & moderation: citizen spritz's take on alcohol awareness week

Mixology and Moderation: Citizen Spritz’s Take on Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Awareness Week, led by Alcohol Change UK from July 3rd to 9th, focuses on “Alcohol and Cost” this year. This initiative emphasizes the need to understand the social and personal costs associated with alcohol consumption. At Citizen Spritz, we wholeheartedly support this drive for moderation, a core principle behind our range of non-alcoholic spritz.

Understanding Alcohol Awareness Week

Alcohol Change UK’s Alcohol Awareness Week encourages us to reflect on our drinking habits and how we can collectively combat alcohol-related harm in the UK. This year’s theme revolves around the staggering £21 billion cost alcohol-related harm incurs on society yearly. These costs encompass lost productivity, crime, NHS expenses, and, most importantly, lives lost due to physical and mental health problems resulting from excessive drinking.

Citizen Spritz’s Approach to Alcohol Awareness

At Citizen Spritz, we believe in the power of moderation. We enjoy a drink, but the dreaded hangover often accompanying it is far from appealing. Our desire to reduce alcohol intake led us to create our line of non-alcoholic drinks, driven by the pursuit of great taste without the negative consequences.

Unlike many other alcohol-free options, we didn’t want to rely on excessive sugar for flavour. Instead, we leveraged our food development expertise to craft refreshing, alcohol-free spritzes. These beverages capture the delightful complexities found in Italian Prosecco. Our range includes Bitter OrangeCool LimePink Grapefruit, and Passion Fruit, all brimming with high-quality ingredients to deliver authentic, nuanced flavours typically reserved for alcoholic beverages.

Our motto is “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” While we savour a glass of alcohol on occasion, our mission is to promote responsible consumption. We offer a delightful array of non alcoholic spritzes to help you reduce your alcohol intake without compromising flavour.

Embracing Responsible Drinking Habits

Our “Sober Revolution” post delves into the advantages of moderation and responsible drinking. We also discuss the impact of alcohol on mental health and provide helpful tips for practising moderation at social events. Explore alternatives and suggestions for reducing alcohol consumption.

We wholeheartedly endorse the Alcohol Awareness Week initiative and urge everyone to adopt responsible drinking habits beyond this dedicated week. Visit our website for non alcoholic spritz recipes and resources, and why not try our sampler pack to find your favourite spritz flavour?