Sip, Savor, and Celebrate: Making Your Wedding Drinks Inclusive for All

Making Your Wedding Drinks Inclusive for All with Citizen Spritz

It’s the season of love and celebrations, and what often comes hand in hand with weddings? Free-flowing alcohol, of course! According to research by The Knot, wedding guests, on average, consume one alcoholic drink per hour. While this might not seem excessive, remember that this is just the average; some guests may indulge even more, while others might prefer to limit their alcohol intake.

The evolving wedding drinks landscape is also reflective of shifting attitudes towards alcohol. The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) released its recent British Craft Beer Report, highlighting the significant growth of no and low alcohol beers. This trend is in response to increasing people reducing their alcohol intake or abstaining entirely, particularly within the 18-24 age category.

Given this changing landscape, it’s essential to consider offering non-alcoholic drink options at your wedding. This inclusivity not only caters to a diverse range of preferences but also adds a unique touch to your special day.

The Importance of Inclusive Wedding Drinks

People may abstain from alcohol at weddings for various reasons, including religious beliefs or personal preferences. Providing non alcoholic drink options can make your wedding more enjoyable for all guests. It demonstrates thoughtfulness and can significantly enhance the overall experience.

Citizen Spritz: Elevating Non-Alcoholic Wedding Drinks

At Citizen Spritz, we’ve leveraged our extensive backgrounds in food and drink development to craft a range of non-alcoholic spritzes with the depth of flavour and complexity typically associated with alcoholic beverages. This versatility offers your guests a memorable experience, whether they aim to reduce alcohol consumption or entirely avoid it.

Choosing Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Your Wedding

Opting for non-alcoholic wedding drinks doesn’t mean you have to host a dry event. While many guests may expect alcohol, why not encourage mindful drinking? Instead of champagne or prosecco for your welcome drink, consider asking your venue to serve a glass of your favourite Citizen Spritz flavour. Your guests might need to realize it’s alcohol free if presented correctly and garnished thoughtfully.

A Garnish Bar for a Personal Touch

Elevate your guests’ experience by setting up a garnish bar. Provide garnish options such as mint, orange, pink grapefruit, rosemary, and more. This interactive element engages your guests and allows them to create their Instagram-worthy spritz, making your wedding even more memorable.

Signature Spritz Creations for Your Wedding

Citizen Spritz non alcoholic spritzes stand out because they’re not merely alcoholic spirits with the alcohol removed. Each flavour is crafted from over 40 natural ingredients, offering a unique taste experience. For instance, Bitter Orange boasts a blend of bitter orange oils, botanicals, herbs, and rhubarb, while Cool Lime captures the flavours typically found in a Mojito, with pressed lime oil, mint, and hints of rum.

Making Your Wedding Inclusive

Ensure your wedding drinks cater to all your guests’ needs and preferences by featuring a prominent bar sign displaying the range of instant spritzes available. This thoughtful touch will show your guests that options beyond alcohol are available, prompting more mindful drinking throughout the celebration.

By offering Citizen Spritz non alcoholic spritzes at your wedding, you’re ensuring a headache-free morning for your guests and making your special day truly unforgettable.

Discover more spritz recipes and resources on our website and explore our complete range, including our sampler pack.