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Celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week with Our Delicious Alcohol Free Spritzes

Unlock the Secret to Vitality: Celebrate Nutrition & Hydration Week with Citizen Spritz

Hydration is the linchpin of a healthy life, and Nutrition & Hydration Week in March is all about spreading the word. This annual event is designed to spotlight the significance of nutrition and hydration from local to global levels.

Why Hydration Matters

The evidence is crystal clear: staying well-hydrated is a cornerstone of a vibrant life. When you neglect hydration, your body’s essential functions may go awry. At Citizen Spritz, we’re here to make Nutrition & Hydration Week in March unforgettable, promoting the significance of food and drink in maintaining health and well-being.

The Culprits Behind Dehydration

Dehydration can strike for various reasons, including illness, exertion, or medical conditions like diabetes. But one of the prime suspects is alcohol, a notorious diuretic. Alcohol prompts your body to shed fluids, which makes it crucial to balance the scales by drinking water alongside your cocktails.

Dehydration doesn’t just leave you parched; it can also cause dizziness, fatigue, dry lips and mouth, and even affect the scent of your urine. In fact, one of the classic consequences of a hangover is dehydration, often signalled by a throbbing headache.

The Solution: Staying Hydrated

Apart from alcohol, virtually any non-alcoholic beverage contributes to hydration. Water is the default choice, but here’s a twist: a recent survey revealed that 62% of people in the UK admit they don’t drink enough water, with 52% finding it a tad mundane.

This is where Citizen Spritz comes to the rescue! Conceived by accomplished food industry pioneers Mark and Mike, our non-alcoholic spritz range offers the tantalizing flavours you crave without the alcohol-induced consequences.

The Allure of Non-Alcoholic Spritzes

Indulging in our delectable alcohol free spritz drinks is as simple as mixing 25 ml of our non alcoholic spritz blend with 175 ml of soda or sparkling water. It’s the hydrating sip that’s anything but ordinary.

Your hydration partner is available in four delightful flavours – Bitter OrangeCool LimePassion Fruit, and Pink Grapefruit. Adding ice and a slice elevates the refreshment, and your hydration quest becomes a joyful experience.

Join the Global Tea Party

Nutrition & Hydration Week extends an open invitation to the Global Tea Party on Wednesday, March 15, 2023. Why not host your own tea party with Citizen Spritz as your beverage of choice? Share your moments on social media using the hashtags #NHW2023 and #citizenspritz.

When you’re out and about, ensure you stay adequately hydrated by sipping Citizen Spritz between alcoholic drinks. It’s a tasteful approach to maintaining your hydration levels.

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