get "hang-over" it with citizen spritz

Get “hang-over” it with Citizen Spritz

We’ve all experienced it – the dreaded hangover. That morning-after headache, the queasiness, and the promise of a ruined day. But what exactly causes these hangovers, and how can we prevent them or at least minimize their discomfort?

Demystifying the Hangover

Drinkaware says a hangover typically entails “a headache, nausea, tiredness, and dehydration, often caused by the effects of ethanol – the alcohol in your drink.”

Ethanol, a toxic chemical, can lead to increased urination, resulting in dehydration. So, how can we steer clear of hangovers or alleviate their effects?

Tip 1: Preemptive Eating

You’ve likely heard the age-old advice to never drink on an empty stomach. Scientific research supports this claim, explaining that alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream faster when you’re hungry. To enjoy a drink without the hangover, opt for a pre-drinking snack. It doesn’t need to be a three-course meal, but make it rich in healthy fats like avocados or nuts.

Tip 2: The Citizen Spritz Solution

Your night out doesn’t have to end with a hangover. Embrace the world of non-alcoholic drinks like Citizen Spritz. Our non-alcoholic spritzes are flavorful, offering that elusive warming tingle reminiscent of your favourite boozy beverages. They’re so delicious that you might forget you’re sipping a mocktail instead of a cocktail. Whether a teetotaler or a moderate drinker, Citizen Spritz, made with sparkling water, can help you stay hydrated throughout the night.

Tip 3: The Morning-After Rescue

If you wake up with a fuzzy head after a night out, it could be due to a drop in blood sugar from drinking on an empty stomach (which Tip 1 helps avoid). To remedy this, reach for quality carbs. A glass of apple or orange juice paired with a slice of toast will work wonders. Add an egg or some yoghurt to your breakfast for faster recovery – this will help your blood sugar levels rebound more swiftly.

The Bottom Line

At Citizen Spritz, we’re all about moderation, especially when it comes to moderation. Life happens, and we’ve all faced a hangover at some point. No judgment here. To dodge the hangover, skip the alcohol and enjoy Citizen Spritz non alcoholic drinks. Alternatively, keep it to one or two alcoholic drinks at night and sip on your spritz in between.

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