become a flexitarian with citizen spritz

Become a flexitarian with Citizen Spritz

Embrace Flexitarian Drinking After Dry January

Discover the flexitarian approach to alcohol consumption and how Citizen Spritz’s non-alcoholic spritzes can help you strike the perfect balance.

Exploring Flexitarian Drinking

Dry January has ended, and you’re pondering your next step. If you appreciate the benefits of reducing alcohol intake but don’t want to bid it farewell, then you might be a flexitarian drinker. This approach involves contemplating what, when, and how often you drink without going tåeetotal.

Why Flexitarian Drinking?

The UK’s drinking culture often centres around the pub, with adults consuming an average of 18 units of alcohol weekly (approximately 7 pints of beer). Yet, research indicates that around 20% of the UK population abstains from alcohol, a percentage on the rise, especially among younger individuals.

Adopting the flexitarian approach encourages mindfulness about your drinking patterns, the beverages you choose, and the moments you savour. It allows you to cherish each drink and its unique flavours.

Opt for Non-Alcoholic Spritzes

For many flexitarian drinkers, Citizen Spritz non-alcoholic spritzes provide the perfect balance. These mindful alternatives aim to capture the delightful warmth of alcoholic beverages, making it easier to manage your drinking. Enjoy a Cool Lime spritz as an aperitivo or nightcap once or twice a week, or savour a Bitter Orange spritz during a weekend night out. This approach is far less restrictive than total abstinence or vague attempts to “drink less.”

Consider setting weekly alcohol limits or specific days for indulgence. When the craving for alcohol strikes, seamlessly transition to Citizen Spritz. All it takes is adding sparkling water and ice for an exquisite experience at home.

Citizen Spritz: Making Everyday Moderation Effortless