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Sip Your Way to Better Sleep: Celebrating World Sleep Day with Citizen Spritz

World Sleep Day is an annual day to raise awareness of sleep health and recognise the importance of sleep and its impact on our health. It was created and hosted by the World Sleep Society to improve knowledge about the global impact and importance of sound sleep.

One of the tips the World Sleep Society offers as part of their Road to Better Sleep is to “Avoid excessive alcohol ingestion 4 hours before bedtime.” If your evening ritual usually includes an alcoholic drink to help you relax, why not switch to a non alcoholic spritz from Citizen Spritz as a beneficial alternative? All of the flavour of its alcoholic counterparts without any of the downsides.

The link between beverage choice and sleep

There is a lot of scientific research out there showing that the consumption of energy drinks, other caffeinated beverages and alcoholic drinks are risk factors for poor sleep quality. Excessive alcohol, in particular, is associated with chronic sleep disturbance, lower slow-wave sleep, and more rapid eye-moment sleep than usual.

In comes Citizen Spritz and our range of non-alcoholic spritzes as the leading sleep-friendly alternative to your usual alcoholic tipple. Non-alcoholic beverages like this have been shown to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep and the amount you move about while asleep. It’s a win-win.

Why choose Citizen Spritz for your nightcap?

Now, we are not advocating your giving up alcohol totally – that’s a decision that’s entirely up to you. Our founder’s food and beverage development background means that our spritzes have more flavour than you might expect. For example, our Bitter Orange spritz is reminiscent of an Aperol Spritz, while our Cool Lime tastes like a Mojito. This makes it much easier to swap your regular alcoholic beverage for a tasty non-alcoholic spritz and improve your sleep.

Celebrate World Sleep Day with Citizen Spritz

The World Sleep Society advises people to plan an awareness activity in their city or country to raise awareness, such as a physical event to generate interest and excitement around World Sleep Day. One way you could do this is to host a non-alcoholic cocktail night, using Citizen Spritz non-alcoholic spritzes to focus on relaxation and sleep hygiene.

The philosophy behind Citizen Spritz is to promote wellness, relaxation and a healthier lifestyle with less alcohol – all of which tie in perfectly with World Sleep Day.

How to incorporate Citizen Spritz into your evening routine

Our blog post “Drinking Rituals: How to Transition from Work to Play” covers tips on creating a relaxing pre-sleep routine with Citizen Spritz, including ways of incorporating non alcoholic drinking rituals into your daily life.

Making the most of World Sleep Day with healthier habits

Of course, making changes to try and improve your sleep quality for World Sleep Day involves more than just changing your alcoholic nightcap for a non-alcoholic one. It would help if you also thought about adopting healthier evening habits, such as creating a more comfortable sleeping environment and limiting evening screen time.

However, choosing a non-alcoholic beverage, like Citizen Spritz, fits into a more holistic approach to better sleep and overall health and wellness. We strongly encourage you to try one of our flavours of non-alcoholic spritz as part of your World Sleep Day commitment to better sleep. If you do, why not share your experience and its impact on your sleep quality on social media using the hashtags #citizenspritz and #worldsleepday?


Citizen Spritz fully supports World Sleep Day as we believe the importance of sleep cannot be underestimated. It is an excellent reminder that we should all be making mindful choices for better sleep, and our range of non-alcoholic spritzes are perfect as a tool to achieve this goal.

So this year, why not sip your way to better sleep with Citizen Spritz, not just on World Sleep Day but every day – as a lasting lifestyle change?