Beyond Mocktails: Elevating Your Wedding with Non-Alcoholic Spritzes

Beyond Mocktails: Elevating Your Wedding with Non Alcoholic Spritzes

August is here, and the wedding season is in full swing. But instead of the usual wedding hangovers, why not add a twist to your drinks menu with non-alcoholic options?

Introducing non-alcoholic drinks into your wedding is a game-changer. It allows your guests to indulge without the aftermath of blurry dancing and splitting headaches. Citizen Spritz is here to redefine non-alcoholic spritzes and elevate your wedding experience.

Understanding the Rise of Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Recent reports by the European Supermarket Magazine reveal a growing trend of younger generations reducing alcohol consumption. Generation Z consumes 20% less alcohol than millennials, who already drink less than Generation X and Baby Boomers. Including non alcoholic wedding drinks acknowledges diverse guest preferences, including those who are pregnant or choose not to drink alcohol.

Crafting the Perfect Non Alcoholic Spritz

A great spritz combines fizz, flavour, and garnish, and Citizen Spritz nails all three. We use top-tier non-alcoholic spirits as the base, infusing them with fruit juices, botanicals, and herbs to create sophisticated flavours. The simplicity of serving these drinks makes it even more appealing. Add 175ml of soda or sparkling water to 25ml of our instant spritz, ice, and garnish, and you have a delightful, alcohol-free spritz.

Curating an Impressive Non-Alcoholic Spritz Menu

Our range of spritzes includes four refreshing flavours: Bitter OrangeCool Lime, Pink Grapefruit, and Passion Fruit. These are not just drinks; they’re experiences. Our customizable spritzes enable your guests to create the perfect drink that suits your wedding theme.

Pairing Non-Alcoholic Spritzes with Wedding Menus

Wondering how to pair these spritzes with your wedding menu? Our blog, “The Perfect Sip: Non Alcoholic Drink Pairings for Every Meal,” provides excellent suggestions. Citizen Spritz has you covered whether you’re serving seafood red meat or looking for a toasting option.

Presentation and Serving Suggestions

Elevate the non alcoholic drink experience at your wedding by serving Citizen Spritz in elegant glassware with decorative garnishes. Ditch the overtly sweet options and opt for sophisticated and visually appealing drinks.

Consider interactive drink stations or spritz bars, encouraging your guests to experiment with various garnishes and create personalized concoctions.

Planning a wedding? Make it memorable and inclusive with Citizen Spritz.