The Perfect Sip: Citizen Spritz Non-Alcoholic Drink Pairings for Every Meal

The Perfect Sip: Non Alcoholic Drink Pairings for Every Meal

The Food and Beverage industry is a powerhouse, significantly contributing to the UK’s economy. We live in a foodie culture, illustrated by the staggering 497 million Instagram posts featuring the hashtag #food. In this culinary age, flavour takes centre stage. When it comes to pairing food and drinks, the name of the game is balance. Both the food and the drink should be balanced.

Similar characteristics often make the best companions in the art of food and drink pairing. For example, acidic drinks, when paired with oily, fatty, salty, and sweet foods, provide a delightful contrast. As most seasoned restaurateurs know, factors like acidity, heat, intensity, sweetness, and weight are critical to creating harmonious pairings.

Lunch Food & Drink Pairings

Lunchtime usually requires lighter fare, including salads, sandwiches, and soups. Here, Citizen Spritz uses various flavours to balance and elevate your meal. If you’re savouring a seafood salad, particularly one featuring crab or prawns, any of our spritz flavours could be a perfect companion, especially the sharp and intense Pink Grapefruit or the zesty and bright Bitter Orange.

Dinnertime Food & Drink Pairings

Dinnertime is when we typically indulge in heartier protein, like red meat, poultry, or fish. This can be a tricky terrain to navigate regarding drink pairings. However, it’s essential to consider how the beverage complements, contrasts, or cleanses the palate between courses. For instance, our Cool Lime non-alcoholic spritz harmonizes beautifully with Mexican-inspired dishes like fish tacos and guacamole, cutting through the richness and refreshing your taste buds before the next delectable bite.

Desserts, Food & Drink Pairings

Desserts are often sweeter, making achieving the right balance between flavours crucial without overpowering the sweetness. Our Passion Fruit non-alcoholic spritz pairs with many desserts, especially those with a chocolatey or gingery twist.

Successful food and drink pairings revolve around acidity, heat, intensity, sweetness, and weight. Citizen Spritz non alcoholic spritz drinks offer a delicious and refreshing alternative. Why not embark on a culinary journey and experiment with different food pairings? We’d love to hear about your experiences and preferences.